Lenten Quiet Day: 2 March 2018
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Holy Cross Priory is a monastery of the Order of the Holy Cross, a community founded in 1884 by the Rev. James Otis Sargent Huntington to provide a specifically North American expression of monasticism for Anglicans.

The Priory houses a small community in a Victorian-style home near Toronto’s scenic High Park. Members of the community participate in a daily cycle of prayer, study, and work. We have a number of guest rooms and provide hospitality as well.

Members of the community are available to lead retreats and quiet days at Parishes and other locations. We also offer quiet days, days of prayer, and other programs at the Priory.

The Order has had a ministry in Canada since the 1890′s. Holy Cross Priory was founded in 1973.


Lenten Quiet Day, Saturday, March 3rd , 2018

Go to Your Room: Treasures in Heaven

with speaker The Rev. Louise Peters

This Quiet Day will explore the invitation from Jesus to practice our piety in a particular fashion. We will delve into the instructions found in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 6, deeply engaging in prayer practices, exploring motivation and meaning, intention and methods of prayer. The day will provide a calibration of our Lenten prayer journey as we continue to make our way with Jesus to Jerusalem, the upper room, the garden and Golgotha.

St. John’s West Toronto, 288 Humberside Ave, Toronto, ON
corner of Humberside & Quebec Aves.
Saturday, March 3rd, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
$10.00 ~ lunch and refreshments included

This quiet day is the joint effort of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Holy Cross Priory, & St. John’s, West Toronto. To register email pastor@sjwt.ca or call St. John’s 416-763-2393


9:30 am Gather
10:00 Morning Prayer
10:15 1st Address
10:45 – 11:30 Quiet time for reflection
11:30 Eucharist & 2nd Address, followed by lunch
1 pm Final Address
1:30 Quiet time for reflection
2:20 Prayer and dismissal

Flyer download: Lent 2018 Quiet Day Flyer.pdf


Holy Cross Day is a big festival for us! Year by year we mark it with a celebration of the Eucharist and a party. We are an Anglican Benedictine order for men in Canada, part of a valued international order under the dedication of the Holy Cross. So Holy Cross Day is always a joyful celebration of the liberating power and glory of the Cross, our life together at Holy Cross Priory, Toronto, and our commitment to continually seek new ways and places to serve across our country. As always, we want to thank our next door neighbours for their hospitality: The Rev. Samantha Caravan, Incumbent Priest, and the community at St. John’s Anglican Church West Toronto who once again generously offered their large Sanctuary for this year’s celebration.

The Sanctuary Party. From left to right: The Rev. Evelyn Butler, Deacon; Br. David-Bryan Hoopes OHC, Presider; Br. Reginald-Martin Crenshaw OHC, Homilist; with the Rev. Samantha Caravan, Incumbent, St. John’s West Toronto.

From left to right: The Rev. Kenneth Korsah, Priest-in-Charge, Ghanaian Anglican Church of Toronto; Br. Leonard Abbah OHC.

From left to right: Canon David Brinton, recently retired Vicar & Sub-Dean of St. James’s Cathedral, Toronto; The Rev. Randy Murray, Incumbent, St. Mark, Port Hope; The Rev. Paul G. Walker, Retired.

From left to right: Olga Clarke, St. Paul, Rexdale; Eunice Thomas, St. Hilda, Toronto.

From left to right: The Rev. Tay Moss, Holy Cross Associate and Incumbant, Church of the Messiah, Toronto; Dr. Betsy Moss; new born twins Samuel Moss and Katarina Moss. (Absent from the family photo is older brother Henry Moss.)

From left to right: Holy Cross Associate Stewart Smith, London, Ontario, and friend from Orangeville, Ontario.

Bill Kahn, Organist and Choir Director at St. Hilda, Toronto, who graciously was the organist once again this year.

A group of Associates of Holy Cross Priory who attended our celebration.



Once again, our Holy Cross Priory community joined the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine at their Convent in Toronto for our joint annual Long Retreat, led this year by Bishop Jane Alexander of the Diocese of Edmonton, Alberta. Bishop Jane’s theme was “Being a friend of Jesus.” From left to right: Br. Charles; Br. Leonard; Br. Christian; Sister Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas, Reverend Mother; Bishop Jane Alexander; Sister Doreen McGuff, Prioress; Br. Reginald


Longtime Holy Cross Priory Associate Jonathan Cowens had conferred on him a Licentiate in Theology by the University of Trinity College, Toronto, at its recent Convocation.

Jonathan Cowens in the Chapel of Trinity College, Toronto, prior to Convocation.

Jonathan Cowans surrounded by members of Holy Cross Priory at the Reception following his Convocation. Top Row: Br. David Bryan; Jonathan Cowens; Br. Charles. Bottom Row: Wen Li Fei, also an Associate of Holy Cross Priory and a close friend of Mr. Cowens; Br. Leonard.


Br. Charles had the pleasure of celebrating the 89th birthday of Br. Lawrence Harms at the Port Ewan Diner along with members of the Holy Cross Monastery community at West Park, NY. Br. Lawrence is in his 51st year of Life Profession. Br. Charles was on holiday at the monastery, the “mother house” of the international Order of the Holy Cross. From upper left: Br. Charles McMulkin; Br. Robert Hagler; Br. Adrian Gill; Br. Randy Greve; Br. Robert Pierson; Br. Richard Vaggione; Br. Bede Thomas; Br. Lawrence Harms and Br. Peter Pearson.

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